Hillsong - The First And The Last chords

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Capo 4

C#m           B            A
You are the First and the Last
   E               B
Beginning and the End
    C#m          B          A
The promise of wonders to come
      E                 B
The future is in Your hands
   A            C#m    A           B             E  
Caught in the light with all the earth we will sing

C#m           B         A
You are the Author of love
       E                B
Our freedom is in Your name
C#m             B          A
Embracing the cross meant for us
       E                B
And bought us to life again
  A            C#m   A          B       E
Caught in the love with all we are let us sing

          E             B
God our hope and our salvation
  A                E     F#m
Worthy of all the praise
         C#m       B
Be our light everlasting
  A            C#m   A         B       E
Great is Your name Jesus the First and the Last

C#m           B          A
Show us the way of Your love
 E                    B
Lead us towards the truth
C#m           B      A
Stir up the fire in us
     E                     B
To live out this life for You
  A            C#m   A          B       E
Caught in Your Name Jesus forever we'll sing

         A                                C#m  B
Every heart every nation will hear the sound
         A                                          C#m        B
As Your Light breaks through the darkness and Your Name rings out
        F#m                           C#m B
Every distant horizon will meet as one
Singing holy is Your Name
We sing holy is Your Name.
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