Hillsong - Savior King chords

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Verse 1
                   D/B   A             D
Let now the weak say I have strength
          Em             Bm
By the Spirit of pow'r
        G                   A            D
That raised Christ from the dead
                   D/B     A           D
Let now the poor stand and confess
             Em    Bm
That my portion is Him
                G       A      D
And I'm more than blessed

D/B                                             G
Let now our hearts burn with a flame
                                    D                A
A fire consuming all for Your Son's holy Name
D/B                                       G
And with the heavens we declare
                   Em    A
You are our King

Chorus 1
                        D                       Bm
We love You Lord, we worship You
                   A                            D
You are our God You alone are good

Verse 2
                        D/B              A         D
Let now Your church shine as the bride
                Em                 Bm
That You saw in Your heart
                G       A            D
As You offered up Your life
                   D/B   A             D
And now the lost be welcomed home
           Em           Bm
By the saved and redeemed
          G             A           D
Those adopted as Your own

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus 1)

Chorus 2
                          D                  D/B
You asked Your Son to carry this
                  A                             D
The heavy cross, our weight of sin

Chorus 3
                  D                      D/B
I love You Lord, I worship You
                          A                           D
Hope which was lost now stands renewed

Chorus 4
                D                 D/B   
I give my life to honor this
                   A                            D
The love of Christ, the Savior King
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