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Hillsongs - Heaven tab

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hey guys its ma again 
hahaha title nito ay heaven
isa sa fave sings ng tri-i
sana matutunan nyo ito 

by Hillsongs


G-C9 x4

Verse 1
G                   C9
You died in  the cross
Em                C9     D      G
my life You have saved at all cost
                  C9          Em
You showed me the way, now I offer myself
                C9           D           C9     D
myself to You I want to be with You evermore

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G                       C9
Lord, I want to be in heaven with You
Em                               C9      D       G
right by Your side I'll stay worshiping You all day
i will live and die for You
Em                          C9       D           G
Everything I will do, For heaven is here in my heart

G-C9 x4

Heaven is here 
Heaven is here
Heaven is here 
Heaven is here
Em             D           G
for heaven is here in my heart

the next chorus can be a all vocal part
or you can make it one strum per chord

thanks to my band the Mystical Rose
specially to renz who taught me this song

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