Hillsongs - Freedom Is Here chords

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Hillsong United

D A E Bm X2

Verse 1:
D                                    A
Your future comes alive, 
we speak Your word and I,
I'm running into your home, 
D                                            A
because we seen your light, 
You bring my world to life, 
and im coming after Your love.

      D                           A                      E                 
And i'm not shaking i'm not letting go, 
until you arrive and everything comes to life

D         A                                E  
In my life as we lift you higher, 
Bm                           D
let your freedom rise
                      A                               E                                  Bm
And in the wor-ld as we lift you up, sing it out sing it out
         D A                 E     Bm
And freedom.. is here

D                               A
So take the limits off, 
no matter what the cost
Were running after your call
D                                    A
And we will run this race 
to see You face to face
So let Your power overflow
D                              A                      E
I wont be silent now, I wont be moved
As you arrive, and now everything comes to life

D                                     A 
And I will not fear, and I will not hide
             E            Bm
Your love, your love
      D                  A                             E
And all my life, I cannot deny Your love
                   Bm                                                 D
Your love, before everything comes to life

End: D A E Bm
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