Hillsongs - Open My Eyes chords

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Open My Eyes
Mighty to Save [2006]

Tabbed by Keno Ventolero

Intro: A2 - F#m - C#m (2x)

Verse 1:

A2        B      C#m
Saviour of my soul
  A2      B        C#m
I worship You as God alone
A2         B      C#m              - A-B-C#m
Greater love has made a way to You

Verse 2:

A2      B    C#m
I could not forget
    A2      B        C#m
The moment I in faith confessed
A2       B          C#m       - A-B-C#m
For my sin You died and rose again


 E/G#              A
 I believe every word You say
  E/G#           F#m
 Father God with all my heart I sing


 E         B
  Open my eyes
            F#m            A
  I want to see Your glory, Your glory Lord
 E            B
  I open my heart
              F#m     A
  I want to be closer, closer to You

Interlude: E - B - F#m

Verse 3:
A        B    C#m
Here I am again
  A          B           C#m
I find my strength in drawing near
A           B           C#m         - A-B-C#m
You have heard the desperate cry in me

[Repeat Pre-chorus]

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

       C#m     A           E
   And as I wait on You my God
         B                C#m
   I'll know the voice of truth
        A          E      B  
   In quietness I am in awe
       C#m     A             E
   And as I worship You my Lord
       B              C#m
   I understand the cross
        A            E/G#  -  F#m
   The sacrifice of God

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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