Hillsongs - Its Your Love chords

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Capo 2

A E/G# A E/G#

Verse 1
A        D    E/G#      A     
Upon the hill     on Calvary

A            D         E
He came from Heaven's throne

A         D    E/G#       A  
Our Fallenness     and mercy meet

D               E     A
Where blood and water flow

Verse 2
A          D      E/G#            A
What grace divine     what selflessness

A                 D        E      
That Christ would bear the weight

A            D       E/G#            A
Our proof is scarred     on hands that bled

     D             E     A
That we were worth every nail

              D                   A
And all the praise and glory to God

              F#m             E
We sing hallelujah sing hallelujah

           D                   A
For the King has carried the cross

        D    E       A
He is risen from the grave

Verse 3

Beyond the tomb  to holy skies
He rose in victory
And bridged for us the great divide
His life is our liberty

D  A  E  F#m

It's Your love

It's Your love

It's Your love
That has saved me

Your blood

It's Your blood

It's Your blood

That has claimed me

D    A
Oh Oh

E   F#m
Whoa Whoa
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