Hillsongs - Life chords

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Hillsong's Communion Album

D Em Am7 G

Verse 1:
D		 Em					Am7
Jesus my endless love, You are so beautiful
For Your love has saved me
D				   Em
With all I am, I will honor you
		  Am7			   D
You gave it all for me now I'm yours

So I'm here to say that

	G								D
I'm living my life for the one above the heavens
				   Em		  C
The one whose Son was crucified for me
	G								D
I'm living my Life for the Son who bled to save us
				Em			  C
I want the world to see this love in me

Verse 2:
D		 	   Em					  Am7
Jesus strength of my heart, Your loveís so beautiful
Your passionís my safety
D						  Em
And gentleness, You have healed my heart
And captured me with your love
Now I'm Yours

So I'm here to say that

Instrumental: D Em Am7 G 2x

C		    D			  Em
I'll live my life in love with you
You're all I really want in this world

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