Hillsongs - None But Jesus chords

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First tab. I find this much easier than all of to other choices but that's just me :)

Tuning:  capo 4
Verse 1: 

In the quiet,
In the stillness
          C                   D
I know that you are God.
G                 Em
In the secret of your presence 
          C                D
I know there I am restored

Pre Chorus:

C             Em                D
When you call I  won't refuse
C               Em                 D
Each new day again I'll choose 

Em                     C           D    C 
There is no one else for me, none but Jesus
Em              C          D     C     
Crucified to set me free, now I live to bring Him praise (X2)

Verse 2:
In the chaos, in confusion
I know you're sovereign still.
In the moment of my weakness, 
You give me grace to do your will

Pre chorus:


C             Em                D
All my delight is in you Lord, 
               C                      Em 
All of my hope, all of my strength     
               C                   D 
All my delight is in you Lord,
Forever more
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