Hillsongs - My Hope chords

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Intro:  Dsus, D, Bm, A/C# 2x

             Dsus, D, Bm, A/C#
You are righteous, 
             Dsus, D, Bm, A
You love justice
      G              D/F#               Bm, A, D/G
And those who honour You will see Your face


D/F#, G, A
I will arise 
D/F#,  G,   A
and lift my eyes to see
        Bm              E
Your majesty, Your holiness
 G              A
All I am will bless You

        D               C      G
My hope is in the Name of the Lord
Where my help comes from
                G       A
You're my strength, my song
        D               D/C            G
My trust is in the name of the Lord
                           D/F# - G   Asus - A
And I will sing Your praise Your are faithful

Interlude: D, Em, G 4x
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