Hillsongs - Come Holy Spirit chords

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For me this cover was the best version that I found, and the following chords are 
gotten based purely on my observation. Hope this helps!

Dbm   = 442000
B7    = 021202
Bm    = 335543
C     = X32010
Cadd9 = X32033
G     = 320033 
D     = XX0232
Dsus  = XX0233
Am    = X02210
Em    = 022000
Em7   = 022033

G Em C D

G         Em7               Cadd9  D
Come Holy Spirit fall on me now
G           Em7                    Cadd9 
I need Your anointing come in Your pwer
Cadd9           D              Bm              Em
I love You Holy Spirit, Youre captivating my soul
    C      Dbm                  D 
And everyday I grow to love You more

Im reaching for Your heart
You hold my life in Your hands
Drawing me closer to You
           Dsus      D
I feel Your pow'r renew
           Am            B7
Nothing compares to this place
            Em      D       Dbm
Where I can see You face to face
 Am              D      Dsus   G
I worship You in Spirit and in truth

C D Dsus - Back to Verse
D - Repeat Chorus
Pick on String 2(3rd Fret) then 1(3rd Fret) in G chord, then 6(2nd Fret) then 
3(open) to repeat last line.
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