Hillsongs - To Be Like You chords

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Title: To Be Like You
Artist: Hillsong
Album: Glorious Ruins (2013)



Em  D  C    C   G/B   D

Em  D   C    C  G/B  D
Humble King, Holy One
Friend of sinners, God's own Son
God in flesh among men
You walked my road, You understand

Verse II
Servant King, Friend to me
You saved my soul, washed my feet
Here I'll bow, give all to You
Lord I want to be like You

G           D
All I want, All I need
Em           C
More of You, Less of me
Take this life, Lord it's Yours
Have my heart, Have it all

I will walk in Your ways
Love Your word, seek Your face
My reward, my sole pursuit
To know You more, to be like You

G/B  C   D   Em
Jesus    Jesus
G/B    C         D       Em
All I want is to be like You

G/B  C   D   Em
Jesus    Jesus
G/B    C         D       G
All I want is to be like You

Song Structure
- Intro
- Verse I
- Intro
- Verse II
- Chorus
- Intro
- Verse III
- Chorus (2X)
- Bridge
- Chorus
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