Hillsongs - Closer chords

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.C   Am/G   F

[Verse 1]
.C                    Am/G      F
 There is no life without You
.C                    Am/G      F
 You have all that we need
.C                              Am/G      F
 Where You are Every fear is broken
.C                       F
 And the darkness must flee

.            C           
 Closer and closer We want to know You
.         Am/G      
 Reaching out
.          F
 Reaching out
.              C                  
 Here in Your presence We want to go deeper
.          Am/G      
 In Your light
.        F
 Come alive

 / INTRO /

[Verse 2]
.C                   Am/G      F
 There is no one beside You
.C              Am/G      F
 You alone are enough
.C                                        Am/G      F
 You fling the doors of Your heart wide open
.C                         Am/G      F
 And we are lost in Your love

 // CHORUS //

 // INTRO //

 To You We will come running
 In You We find belonging
 Your love
.                     F
 Is all that can satisfy

 // CHORUS //

 // INTRO //
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