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Hillsongs - Irresistable tab

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Title: Irresistible
Artist: Darlene Zschech
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Intro:   A  G2  A  G2

  A                 G2
   I behold Your pow'r and glory
   Bring an offering
   Come before You
  Em7    D/F#      G
   Worship You, Lord
          Em7        D/F#     Asus A
   In the beauty of Your holi-ness

   Whenever I call You're there
   Bm              A/C#
   Redeemer and Friend
    D           G
   Cherished beyond all words
        Bm         A/C# D
   This love never ends
   Morning by morning
         Bbmaj7  C          D
   Your mercy   awakens my soul
   I lift up my eyes to see
         Bm       A/C#
   The wonders of heaven
   D       G
   Opening over me
        Bm          A/C# D
   Your goodness abounds
   You've taken my breath away
        Bbmaj7    C          D
   With Your irre-sis-tible love

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