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Hillsongs - God Is My Refuge tab

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Usa sa akong paboritong kanta pagka-high school sa among misa..
Paki-rate nalang sa mga nakahibalo aning kantaha… 

Song title: God is my refuge

Intro: A  E  F#m  D


A   E      F#m-D
God is my refuge
  A         E     F#m-D
My trust and my deliverer
 A    E        F#m-D
A help close in hand
  A    E   F#m-D
In time of distress…

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   A     E       F#m-D
So I will lift my eyes 
        A              E               F#m-D
Onto the mountains that whence comes my help
      A        E       F#m-D
To the lord enthrone on high
        A         E     F#m     D           A     E     F#m     D
He is my trust and my deliverer I’ll stand firm…

(Repeat chorus)

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