Him - The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness chords

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The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness (Acoustic)
From the Baudelaire in Braille album
Words and Music by Ville Valo
Tabbed by Jade_Simone

Tuning: Eb

Ebm                       B              F#
By your heartstrings I am hanging from a dream
Ebm                    B           F#    
Gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze

C#               G#m
Come look at the scars
          F#             C#
Smother a heart, opening up
Look at the scars
          F#             C#   Ebm    
Smother a heart, opening up no more

Ebm                               B              F#
Tip toeing along a strand of your hair suspended between
Ebm                              B          F#
These thoughts and actions miles above reality
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