Him - Fortess Of Tears Acoustic tab

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I was just getting Tired not seeing the chords for this as i know it would be an awesome
song to play acoustic so i finally just took the time and figured it out...any comments
or questions...to tell me  i "suck" or "rock" or whatever..... you can contact me at
-Daymon .{p.s. Hey Vince}

Verse 1
Em                       Am                        G    D   A
No one can hurt you now in this haven safe and sound  
Em                                Am                G                      
no one can save you now from this grace you are drowning in just hold your 
D                   A
breath on your way down 

D                 Bm                       G         D    A
this fortress of tears i've built from my fears for you 
D                     Bm                 G           D     A
this fortress won't fall i've built it strong for you 

Verse 2
Em                      Am                              G   D A
no one can free you now from the chains around your heart 
Em                       Am                 G                 D
don't be afraid now just dive in this emptiness and hold your breath on 
your way down 


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