Hinton Battle - Sweets Song What You Feel chords

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Whyd you run away?
G                    F   E
Dont you like my, style?
Why dont you come and play?
G                        F    E
I guarantee a great big smile.
F                   E
I come from the imagination
F                                E
And Im here strictly by your invocation.
So what do you say
G                       AM G AM 
Why dont we dance a while?

Im the how to swing.
G                   F  E 
Im the twist and shout.
When you gotta sing,
G               F      E
When you gotta let it out.
F               E 
You call me and I come a-runnin.
F                    E
I turn the music on, I bring the fun in.
AM                   G                    AM G AM
Now were partyin, thats what its all about.

AM                     F      E
Cause I know what you feel, girl.
AM                     F     E
I know just what you feel, girl.

AM                    G          F   E 
All these melodies, they go on too long.
AM                G                 F      E   
Then that energy starts to come on way too strong.
F                     E
All those hearts lay open that must sting.
F                     E
Plus some customers just start combusting.
AM                  G                 AM G AM
Thats the penalty when life is but a song.
F                     AM   
You brought me down into this town
So when we blow this scene,
F                      AM
Back we will go to my kingdom below
G                   E
And you will be my queen.

AM               F           E
Cause I know what you feel, girl.

No, you see, you and me
Wouldnt be very regal.

AM            F    E
Ill make it real, girl.

What I mean, Im fifteen
So this queen things illegal.

F                  E
I can bring whole cities to ruin
F                      E
And still have time to get a soft-shoe in.

Well, thats great but Im late
And Id hate to delay her.

F                     E
Somethings cooking, Im at the griddle.
F                 E
I bought Nero his very first fiddle.

Shell get pissed if Im missed,
See my sisters the Slayer.

The Slayer?


Find her. Tell her, tell her anything. Just get her here. I
want to see the Slayer burn.

Now were partyin.
G                     AM G AM
Thats what its all about.
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