Hole - Why Do Feminists Give Blow Jobs tab

			    Why Do Feminists Give Blow Jobs? by Hole

From the 1993 bootleg, 'Anarchy in the UK', this little ditty was played live in London
on July 15, 1993 after the band covered "Yes, She Is My Skinhead Girl" by Unrest. This
song, "Why Do Feminists Give Blow Jobs?" ended the show, and was never played again as
far as I know. It was very possibly totally improvised, or maybe an embryonic version of
something Courtney had written that never reached fruition. Anyhow, the main riff is
entirely played on the A string.I think it may was a bass that played this live, and a
guitar strums twice only in the short chorus, but you can play it on guitar just as well 
and it sounds fine. I actually discovered this by accident and remembered hearing this 
song before,
so I wrote this tab based on what I recall.

Tabbed by: Scott H.

Tuning: Standard

Riff I:


Riff I
       Thirty condom inches later
       Ten minutes in my old hometown
       What is fifteen minutes anyway?
       Suck my dick, baby go around
       "I got a big one, just for you"
       He said "I'll stuff it right in your mouth"
       "I got a big one, one for you"

Riff II:


       Why do feminists give blow jobs?

Riff I
       'Cause it's just a chore
       And I'm doing you a big favor
       'Cause it's just a chore
       And I'm doing you a big favor
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