Holly Starr - This Love chords

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This Love
Holly Starr
Capo 1  Key: Eb

Verse 1
Bm                      G
She was an outcast, at least thats how she felt
D                    Asus
She kept running away from herself
Bm                      G
She heard a rumor, somebody loved her
D                       A                       G       Bm
Then she found the story of a Savior who died
               D                Asus
To give her life

By His body broken
The grave is opened up
D                       Asus
Hope is only found in what Hes done
Our sin has been erased
Our God has saved the day
We are forever changed
Asus           Bm       G       D      Asus
Because of this love,           this love

Verse 2
Bm                   G
We are not alone, He will hold us close
D                         Asus
He wont forsake us and He wont let us go
Bm                       G
No one could ever do, what Jesus did
D                               Asus                    G       Bm
Now there is nothing that can separate us from His life
                D       Asus
And what we find


Speaking into the darkness
G                      D      Asus
Calling us into the light
Bm                 G         D          Asus
This love is only found in Christ

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