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Hollywood Undead - The Diary chords

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got tired of seeing the wrong chords, so i made my own

Standard Tuning

same chord progression throughout the song

     Am                  D
Cuz I don't wanna be like this,
I've been running these streets
       C                  F
for too long now, I've got nothing,
that's true, but this song now.
But the further I go,
I wanna go home. 

[Verse 1]
I fuckin swear that I care,
          D                           G                           C
but it's hard when you stare into the bottom of a bottle that is empty and bare.
        F                            Dm/Bm                   Em
Oh my desolate soul, in my desolate home, it's my desolate role, yeah I'm here all alone.

     Am                                 D                 G
I can't think of a reason to get the fuck out of bed, curtains closed, 
lights are off, am I alive or dead?
          F                          Dm/Bm
I haven't shaved in a week, I always slur when I speak.
Tolerance at it's peak, another fifth just to sleep.

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