Honor Society - My Own Way chords

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Intro: F, C, Dm, Bb

F              C                          Dm
It's having trouble to believe
I was ever on your mind
F              C                                   Dm
It's getting harder just to breathe
Cause you left my heart on the battle lines
F                                C                                 Dm
You played the game, you called the shots
You get what you want, but it's not enough
F                             C                               Dm
Well I come to you, with a broken heart
So before I go, gotta let you know

              F                       C                           Dm        Bb
Well you never did care, enough about me anyway
        F                                C                      Dm          Bb
So I guess it'd be best, for both of us if I didn't stay
              F                       C                           Dm        Bb
Well you never did care, enough about me anyway
            F                                         C                                     Dm    
Left my heart on the floor, now you know gotta go my own way
        Bb                    F
I can't stay, my own way

Verse 2 is the same as verse 1. 
Im having trouble to believe
You were ever on my mind
It took awhile for me to see
But now I know that you were lying
You played your games, for long enough
You took all the shots, in the end you lost
You and me wasn't destiny
But from the start wasn't meant to be


Gave you everything but nothings ever good enough
I try to be the one you call, the one that you can trust
F                                             C
But the games have all been played
(and there's nothing left to say)
Shut the door cause you have overstayed your welcome girl
Bb                                                                           F
Don't call me back, cause you know that I'll keep going on
Telling you I'm gone


Outer intro: F, C, Dm, Bb
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