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Hooded Fang - Land Of Giants chords

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Hi, this is my first tab, but I'm pretty sure I have this right. Sadly, I do not 
know the little riffs that guitar 2 does. If anyone knows them please post them as 
a correction and I will add them to this tab.

Chords for guitar 1:

C: x32010
Am: x02210
F: 133211
or F:xx3211 if the barre chord is too hard for you. This version of F is not used in the song.

Chords for guitar 2:
C*: x35553
Am*: 577555
F*: 133211
Note: Chords for guitar 2 will be on top of guitar 1's chords with a *

Intro: C  Am  F x4

       C          Am          F
In the end we're friends for life
           C       Am                F       
The murky past is littered with our just delights
        C               Am             F
And i know deep down inside this is nice
          C              Am              F
And you know deep down inside that this isn't right

When we move on
     Am*                 F*
     Am                  F
We'll look back on this history
The games are gone
          Am*           F*
          Am            F
And with them goes the mystery
          C*                 Am*              F*
          C                  Am               F
Unsubtle rhymes and blatant tries at acting cool
             C*               Am*
             C                Am
All for the love of feeling blue
Like such a fool

C  Am  F x4

         C*              Am*               F*
         C               Am                F
One in a million isn't so bad when you're used to it
             C*             Am*               F*
             C              Am                F
So grab your hat and your shoes and twist a little bit
               C*                  Am*                 F*
               C                   Am                  F
Let's hit the dance floor running mulled wine on the tips of tears
             C*             Am*        F*
             C              Am         F
Crash the new day with a party and a sordid cheer

Am*                F*
Am                 F
   In the land of giants
Am*           F*
Am            F
   There's a saying
C*                 F
C                  F 
    Sometimes its better to fold than 
Am*              F
Am               F
    To keep on playing
                           C     Am F
    Even with a flush of hearts

C Am F until end
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