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Hootie And The Blowfish - Home Again tab

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Intro: A7sus4 A7 A7sus2 A7 (basically just adding a finger on B-string third fret, then 
regular A7, then playing A7 with the B-string open, and back to A7)

G                A
Your letter came yesterday
D                  G
You're flying home for Christmas
Bm         G             A
Could you stop to see me smile

G              A
I sat down to remember
D               G
All the pain we shared
Bm            G            A
But I drifted to times not so hard

G               A
Oh I see you in the corner of
D              G
Life's grand ballroom
Bm             G         A
And I tremble to see you again
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D            G
Let's all go home again
D            G
Find where we have been
D       G           A
Time is never understood
D         G
I see you holding me
D            G
Please don't let me be
D            G          A
Tonight just may be our last

The bell rings to tell me
You're here now
And I wonder if your eyes glow and sparkle in the night

And I can't believe you look this way
Like a doll in satin
On a birthday afternoon

Hold me tightly
Like never before
You've come to say your alive


The sun arrives
You wake and peek outside
Touch my hand and walk right away
I hear you close the door
I don't feel joy anymore
And my heart is racing to who knows where

And I say it's our last night
And clutch my soul so tight
But I'll let go to have you again

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