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Hootie And The Blowfish - Get Out Of My Mind tab

Intro: D      G
D                               G
Last night had a crazy dream
D                                G
You were everywhere it seemed
D                                G
You were fillin' up my soul
A                               G
Doin' everything to make me whole
D                               G
Read about you in the Sunday Paper
D                                G
Saw your face on the evening news
D                                G
When I woke everything was gone
A                                G
and i remembered we were through
Em               G              A
Don't come round here no more

[ Tab from: ]
G                  D
Hey, get out of my mind
A                                D
and you tell me we got things to say
G                              D
you come around here looking so fine 
A                     Bm A
makes it so hard to walk away
G                   D
oh, get out of my head 
A                                  G
cuz that look there could leave me dead
Em                             G
and then you tell me that you love me

Second Verse same as the first:

Remember you were the one to leave
Came back home and i couldn't believe
I know i would have given anything
you took it all and you made me think
why would she leave me for another man
what does he have lord that i don't have
i see you stayin' in his fancy home
I put on Lauren and i drink alone and say
Don't come round here no more



D      G
Bm       A        G
I'll be there for you
 D                A
I remember when i said that i would
Bm      A       G
always love you too
G             A
I lied, don't come around no more

chorus 2x

Just another great Hootie song of their new album...listen to the song to get the rhythm.

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