Horrible Turn - Horrible Turn chords

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For "Fm with B", replace the "C" note in Fm with a B.


Fm                           Fm with B
All my hopes and aspirations taken as if trash

Bbm                                  C
Everything I ever wanted ó was I wrong all along

Fm                           Fm with B
All my efforts, all my work. All I love is smashed

Bbm                                                   C
I was good and weak ó from now on Iíll be bad and strong

Fm                           Fm with B
My intentions misplaced ó why was I so blind?

Bbm                                 C
I wonít forgive them nor will I forget

Fm                                Fm with B
Iíll dedicate myself to mischief, live a life of crime

Bbm                               C
And make the people my marionettes!

F                                 C
Iíll darken every silver lining ó make the whole world pay
Eb                                   F
And none shall pay more than Hammer! No!

Db[                                Eb
Iíll join the Evil League of Evil and Iíll rule it someday!

E                                 F
There is no deed I will not do ó there is no depth too low

Thereís no place on earth like Australia
No island as wide ó No land as diverse
Thereís no place on earth like Australia
Bm                          C      Eb
And thereís no one on earth quite like he

Fm                                 Fm with B
Iíll step on throats of Kitties ó Iíll throw caution to the wind

Bbm                                                C
Thereíll never be another person I will call a friend

Fm                             Fm with B
Iíll do everything I can to be deplorable and then,
Bbm                                C
Goodbye Billy Buddy. Hello DoctorÖ
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