Hot Chocolate - Love Is Life chords

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Heard this song last night for the first time since I don't know when - it's epic. 
So rushed to the acoustic this morning and this is what I came up with - sounds 
close enough. Enjoy!

Bm A G D

G               A       G             D
I have seen the way the earth takes a seed 
And with care, gives us a flower, a tree
   A                          D
Or something on which you can feed 
        A             G              D
That is love, love is life, love, I love you 
       A                                D
I will see the day when men will come together
      A                              D
Every blind man will use his eyes to see
           A                                   D
There will come a day, I know, 'cause I'm a believer
    G                A
And love will find a way
G                            D
Every man will sing, love, I love you
G                               D
Hear sweat voices ring, love, I love you 
G                              D
Together we will sing, love, I love you 

Bm A G D (intsrumental like intro)

2nd verse as verse 1

Outro same as intro.

And thats it!

All my own work in 30 minuites, 11am 21st may 2012
George Alty
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