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Houndmouth - Northeast Texas Women chords

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Not my song

Song was originally written by Willis Allen Ramsey.  Then Jerry Jeff Walker did a really 
good cover.  And now Houndmouth does a really good cover cover.

The basic idea is for the verses is to just start a fret (half step) north (flat) of the 
chord and slide into the chord.  The chorus are just a simple walk down from C to Am
Give any version a listen and you'll pick it up pretty quick.  Although I think Jerry 
Jeff plays it in D and they play it in G


              G           C                         D                     G
Say if you're South of Oklahoma, east of New Mexico,
  G               C         D                     G
West of Louisiana, where all them Cajuns go
   G                           C
We gotta a little place called Texas
           D              G
Where the women grow on trees
       G                    C
There right there for the pickin'
         D                    G
Just as easy as a man could please

 C     C/B   Am
Run take a hold
                   C     C/B       Am
You're gonna get young 'fore ya get old
             C          C/B   Am
Those Texas ladies are Texas gold
Kisses that are sweeter than cactus
Take no practice to love yeah

Now there east of Amarillo, a little south of old Dime Box
You can find a Cinderella
Or a genuine Goldilocks
And if ya don't like no love attachments,
If your taste in women gets strange
You could probably find something to live on
Down in old La Grange

You better run tell the world
You gotta have a Lone Star girl
With her cast iron curls
her aluminum dimples
Cause she's so simple to love

Now she's probably in Dallas, maybe down in old Cowtown
I've heard em tell Texas women
Beat the others lyin' down
I just thought I might tell you
In case you were unaware
'Bout those northeast Texas women
With their cotton candy hair

You run dig a hole,
You gonna get young before you get old
Now Texas women are Texas gold
Ahh there sweeter than cactus

(like intro)
Easy to love, yeah, easy to love
Easy to love, mmmmm

You run tell the world,
How you'll get Lone star girls
With their cast iron curls,
She's sweeter than cactus
And easy to love....
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