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Housemartins - Johannesburg tab

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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1992 10:51:33 EDT
From: Ender Wiggin 

Here ya more. If you catch any errors, let me know. The lyrics may
not be perfect, but they're close.

JOHANNESBURG by the Housemartins
arranged by Brian Panulla bjp108 @

INTRO: (Fingerpicked)
D   / / / |  / / / / | Em  / / / | / / / / |    (x2)

D                      Em
Please don't show your soul to me;
  G                             D
I think I'd see the light shine through.
(D)                       Em
And please don't greet me on the street;
    G                        D
I'd like to see a world with-out you

(D)                                                 G
'Cause I've found there's nothing more that I could say to you;
Gm                                F#m
Nothing I could do to change your mind,
            Fm            Em
Change your ways, or your tune.

Please don't change your uniform,
And start to mourn the thousands dead.
Please wear what you've always worn,
and don't be drawn by what I've said.


D   / / / |  / / / / | Em  / / / | / / / / |    (x2)
F#m / / / | Gm / / / | F#m / / / | Fm / / /| Em / / / | / / / /|

    D                     Em
So, please don't feel you have to sway,
   G                      D
Or move away from how you feel.
(D)                 Em
Please say what you mean to say,
    G                           D
And always stay with a heart of steel.

(Repeat intro with adlib vocal to fade)
Brian Panulla                                              Hail Sinfonia!
bjp108 @ / ender @ / panulla @
(The opinions expressed above are mine alone, and do not reflect those of)
(Penn State University, or the Center for Academic Computing, so there!  )

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