How I Met Your Mother - Puzzles The Bar Theme chords

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                            Puzzles The Bar Theme
Tabbed By: ACE

Capo on 2nd fret.

A                        F#m            Bm             E
Puzzles is a place where people go, to feel like they belong

A                       F#m                       Bm
Gonna take advantage of dumb drunk girls, no we're not, bro that would be 

E      A             F#m              E      A        F#m
wrong. A place where wit and wisdom bloom, a place to bang chicks in Ted's 

room.        *not happening, we'll talk about it* 

A          F#m          Bm       E
At puzzles we all fit together.  

A              F#m            Bm      E  A                   F#m
Through sunny days or stormy weather.    So pull a chair and sit for spell 

Bm                          E                      A
there's laughter to share there's stories to tell, puzzles is a place where 

F#m      E        A
everyone feels at home. 

E                           A
And we bang chicks in Ted's room. 
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