Howard Moss - All Hopes Gone chords

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All Hopes Gone - Howard Moss (Outside The Pale 2013)

(Dm) When I grew up in the town of the rising sun I had (C) so much to (G) look forward 
to (Dm) my life had begun
(Dm) I had lots and lots of friends and my family (C) And they were all (G) concerned 
about what (Dm) I would be

(Dm) I enjoyed my time at school and my life in my teens And (C) I didn't want my (G) 
life spent (Dm) tied to machines
(Dm) So I got my eductation and a college degree (C) Anything to (G) be the best that 
(Dm) I could be

(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone (F) On (G) The (Dm) Run

(Dm) I moved away from town and I found a job (C) Got myself and (G) wife and worked 
(Dm) round the clock
(Dm) Bought ourselves a house up around the hills (C) But seemed to (G) spend my time 
just (Dm) paying the bills

(Dm) Next thing I remember I got my self into debt (C) Easy to (G) remember and so (Dm) 
hard to forget
(Dm) My wife she went and left for a banking man (C) Then I put (G) together my (Dm) 
desperate plan

(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) Gone (F) On (G) the (Dm) Run

(Dm) The bank they came and too my house away (C) I didn't have a (G) chance to keep the 
(Dm) wolves at bay
(Dm) Next thing I remember I was out on the street (C) I counldn't even (G) stand up 
straight on (Dm) my two feet

(Dm) So I went into town and I bought myself a gun (C) About to do the (G) wildest thing 
that (Dm) I have done
(Dm) Went into the bank and I stole the loot (C) The cops pursued (G) me in a (Dm) high 
speed pursuit

(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone (F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone

(Dm) So I crossed the county line into New Orleans (C) The way my life (G) tunred out 
(Dm) justified the means
(Dm) It's a bad thing to do don't get me wrong (C) But I've always been (G) as honest as 
the (Dm) day is long

(Dm) Adventually I was caught and thrown in jail (C) I never knew a (G) soul that would 
(Dm) pay the bail
(Dm) Now I'm my cell with the time on my hands (C) Looking back (G) I never had a (Dm) 
fighting chance

(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone (F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone
(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone (F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone
(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone (F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone
(F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone (F) All (G) Hopes (Dm) gone
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