Howard Moss - Lost In Time chords

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Lost In Time - Howard Moss (KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE) 2014

Am, F, D, E7 x4
(Am) Drifting onwards, (F) sinking downwards I (D) know
We (E7) all get lost in time 
(Am) Feelings fading, (F) mind is so (D) strong
Little (E7) do they know

(Am) Looking frail, (F) the mind hasn't changed 
They (E7) look at me a way
(Am) That I'm nothing, (F) but one in a line
We (E7) all end up the same

F, G, Am, E7 x2
(F) It's just a (G) part of life for (Am) sure 
Now there's (E7) nothing we can do
(F) It's all been (G) written in the (Am) stars 
Right (E7) from the start of time

(Am) I've been like this (F) for a nearly a (D) year
In (E7) a dream like state
(Am) Feeling distant, (F) and fading to (D) fast
Got (E7) going anywhere

(Am) Space goes onwards, (F) and never will (D) end
Our (E7) minds can't comprehend
(Am) What's the meaning, (F) we never will (D) know
We're (E7) better off that way

(F) Yet they'll (G) try to work it (Am) out 
Well that's (E7) just a waste of time
(F) That's the (G) one thing we don't (Am) have 
That's (E7)what we agree upon

Solo or middle 8 in C, G, Am, F
C, G, Am, F, E7

(Am) Sinking quickly, (F) and drowning so (D) fast
I (E7) cannot feel to breath
(Am) Visions blurring (F) and badly in (D) need
I (E7) want to call your name

(F) The clock is (G) ticking now so (Am) fast, 
Speeding (E7) up as days go by
(F) Night is (G) tricking with my (Am) head, 
There's (E7) no need to question why

(F) We're only (G) here for a short (Am) while 
And now (E7) once your gone your gone
(F) You can (G) never turn back (Am) time 
So just (E7) dance until the dawn

OUTRO Am, F, G, E7
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