Howard Shore - Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold chords

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All chords can be lightly strummed or finger picked to your liking. 
I prefer picking in a 1,6,5,4,3,1,2 pattern
 (numbers of the strings [1-E, 6-e])

Far over the misty mountains cold

            Dm               Gm
To dungeons deep and caverns old

The pines were roaring o---n the high

               Dm                Am
The winds were moaning i---n the night

             Gm              Am
The fire was red, It flaming spread

               Bb      Dm          Gm
The trees like torches blazed with light

The mountain smoke beneath the moon

                  Dm                  C
The Dwarves, they heard the tremble doom

They fled their home to-- dying thorn

             Dm                  Am
Beneath this heat, be--neath the moon

            Gm                 F
The sun, it shone, Despair is long

               Bb         Dm     Gm
The Dwarves no more shall suffer on.

Far over the wooden mountain town

              F                 C
The wind may blow and rain may fall


I apologize if there are any incorrect or missing lyrics.

The lyrics and relative major chords were based off of the Str8 Voices 
cover, placed in the same key as the original, but shortened. The major 
chords (such  as F major and C major) can always be substituted with Dm 
and Am for an easier and more consistent chord structure.

   -Tabbed by Ross (RedLightning55)
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