Howie Day - Annalise chords

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Annalise Chords

Standard Tuning
Capo 1st

Intro- D, E, G

On the D, hammer down on your first and second fingers (this continues though the verse)

Verse- D, E, G

Pre-chorus - G run down to E

Chorus - C, G

After second chorus there is little slide start with a fretted A# and slide up to a fretted C

Very simple song


                               E              G                 D
       Well I could ask anyone about you

                                  E                          G                D 
       They'll tell me all a lie. Sweet lie, sweet lie

                              E             G                         D
        You could celebrate with all your fine jewelry

                          E                         G                      D
        No one every sees the grace, the happiness


                     G walk down to E
And I hope 

                     G walk down to E
It's not true

                     G walk down to E
Cause I feel so close to you 

G walk down to E.                 C          G
           Annalise,                askin
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