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Howie Day - Perfect Time Of Day tab

John Alexander tabbed this song, but he didnt finish it, so this is the rest...(im pretty sure)
In the verses, the F chord should not be played barred. While playing,
your index finger should pull on and off the 2nd string, 1st fret.

Also in the verse, the G should be played without the index finger. In the
chorus everything is played normally.

[Verse 1:]

Am     G                 F        F
It's the perfect time of day 

Am      G                 F        F
It's the last day of your life 

Am            G
Don't let it drift away 

G                     F
While your heart is still racing 

Am      G                   F      F
It's the perfect time of day 


G        G        F        F
And you wont feel a thing 

G  G    F (let ring)
And you wont recall anything at all 

[Verse 2:]
[ Tab from: ]
Am            G          F        F
Close your eyes and take your last breath 

Am            G      F             Am                G
Press your head aside, and the end is the beginning 

   F               G                 Am              G                F
And everyone between is somewhere lost, somewhere lost. 



C           G        F
Let your colors collide 

       G          C
The time is so fleeting 

   C              F
I quit running behind 

G                     C
Oh, I know your meaning 

You look for

F     G                    C
For what you want to say

        G                   F
And you look for

       G                  Am
The perfect time of day 


C  G  F  G
(So just play these chords over and over, with a Four Count each) 

Wooooo it's the perfect time of day 
Come on now 
It's the perfect time of day 
it's the perfect time with you
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