Howie Day - Sunday Morning Song tab

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There may be a few mistakes, but this is mostly true to the song.  

Am    D        G  Em 
It's not that bad 
Am   D        G  G7
We could have died 
Am        D           Em  G 
Chalk it up to being young 
Am     D     G  G7
Prove it was me 

Am   D     G  Em
No morning drive
Am  D         G 
No blurred headlight 
from the corner of my eye 
Am  D    G        D       Em
If only you were here right now, 
Am    D
you'd tell me... 

C              D             G                Em
Wouldn't it be somethin' if everything changed 
C              D                  D/F#
Wouldn't it be somethin' in your way 
C              D          G                 Em
Wouldn't it be more than livin' in your wake 
C                   D             D/F#
If you and I would ever cease to be 
Am  D  G  Em...
Yeah... yeah... yeah...

Am    D     G  Em
Your summer dress
Am D    G 
A late downpour
And how they caught us on the stairs 
Am   D       G         D      Em
That silent song you'd sing to me 
Am    D
Keeps singing... 


Am   D   D/F# 
Oh no, oh no 
Am   D      G  G7
We bend, I break 
Am  D        G  Em
You fall, we scrape 
Am          D            G    D   Em
I blame it all on being older now 
Am        D
I'm still singing... 

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