Human Highway - Pretty Hair chords

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Pretty Hair
Human Highway

Your mother helped you move
Made your transition smooth
Your community was there
D			B#min		    	
The youthful faces, 	pretty hair
A		D		E
You were 	surrounded,	by your peers

Then one day you saw it
You went home and tried to draw it
You couldn't get it quite right
D				B#min
Its luminescence was so 	strangely bright
A		D
Living in a	fantasy
F#		D		A
Of toxicity	(toxic-ly)

Dmin	Amin	E	Amin
Dmin	Amin	F	E

Amin			Dmin		E		Amin
You're rubbing up	against the 	veneer of	disease
Dmin			Amin			E		Amin
You didn't know,	you didn't ask you	know that its	easy
Dmin			Amin			F		E
But you don't care	you like it that way Being	taken by 	surprise
Amin			Dmin			E		Amin
And narrowly narrowly 	narrowly		Avoiding your 	demise

Amin	Dmin	Amin	E	Amin x2

A		F#
A year later,	early one morning
D				A	C#
You woke up coughing you 	poor thing
A				F#
Turned on the radio, but 	it wasn't active
D				A		C#
There was a blackout, it	was radioactive

A	C# X3

So your mother came to get you
Because that's what mothers do
Left your neighborhood in pieces
D			B#min
Reduced to rubble and debris
A		D		E
Driving back to the suburbs in her SUV

Watched it on TV
In your fathers den of iniquity
And you changed the channel
D			B#min
When you saw your old	 friend
A		D		E
It was burning pretty hair was melting off your skin 

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