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Hungry Kids Of Hungary - Set It Right tab

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C#m                          F#m             C#m
when it began we were barely old enough    to know
now when it comes it leaves me cold again
E                          F#m
my love were still barely old enough
          A                  C#m
to fully comprehend that the time that we spend
just wondering when      {chug the E chord}

A                                        E
we can set it right we can set it right we are...
we can set it right we can set it right we are....
C#m          A
OOOH  OOOH  woooooooh

Im not sure if i have given the correct chord of C#m and F#m but for C#m
 bar the 4th fret with Am formation under and bar 2nd fret with same
 formation under for F#m . hope its not to confusing ,its a great song takes me 
back to joe jackson in his prime.

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