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Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow tab

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Am - F - G - Am
strum once and let it ring

Am                           F
you gave me hope amidst my sorrow
              G                     Am
may it be tomorrow, that i can love again
Am                             F
and in return for what i've borrowed
                G                  Am
be with you tomorrow and until the end

FILL 1 : repeat 8 times [this is actually played on keyboard]


FILL 2 : done with a slide i havent figured out yet.

repeat the same chords for this verse as well.

i know the road we're on is narrow
along comes tomorrow, we're gonna see the sun
and with the wings of the first sparrow
new light of tomorrow
we're gonna be as one

this is my first tab, so any corrections or comments, most welcome! :) enjoy!
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