Husky - Hunter chords

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I really like playing this song and I was shocked to find that it hadn't been 
tabbed so I made it up. If you have trouble learning this tune, play along on 

Hunter by Husky
Capo 4

Am, Em, F, C, Gm, Dm
Am              G              Em             F
Come now sister don't you wait for the sky to clear
C            Gm              Dm
I have never seen it rain so true
      A                 G                     Em             F
Let's find somewhere to sleep this bus stop's sinking like a pier
C                  Gm           Dm    Em Am  G  Am  G  Am  G   Dm  Em
They can wait till morning or a week, or two


F                   G                Dm 
I came here not for love but for the possibility
           F                G               Dm
Of setting free the love we knew for all of time
F         G                    Dm            
Don't you remember I said that I would not forget
         F               G             Dm
Your memory is safe with me and you're heavenly

    F                G                Dm
The strangest things come to me in my sleep
F                 G             Dm
Climb the rolling hills ever so steep
    F            G                 C
And I don't recognize you, nor you me
Gm                 F
Still we know each other so well
Dm                       Dm
I will be the hunter and you can light the fire
Keep it burning until I return
C                      G             Dm         Am  F  Em  Dm
As darkness falls I'll prove in time to you

[Same as first verse]:

All the way to whaler's cove, the countryside and me
Every little thing still in its place
If it were that I was where I thought that I would be
Surely I would know it in my bones


[same as part after 1st chorus]:

The only thing I know is I'm not sure
Where I left the keys to all the doors
And now that I am here I don't know why
Everybody looks the same
I will be the hunter, you can light the fire
Keep it burning until I return
As darkness falls I'll prove it in time to you       

Am  G  Dm
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