Hymn - Standing On The Promises chords

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I play guitar for my local church and wanted to share the chords I use for the hymns we sing.
The chords I use are based off of our hymn book and therefore, you could find some weird chords
that would be hard to play with no capo.
I will try to suggest what to transpose the song to using the transpose tool and then where to
place the capo to remain on key. EX: Bb is G with capo on 3

Suggestion: Transpose down 3 and place capo on 3

                         Standing on the Promises

   Bb                                             Eb
1. Standing on the promises of   Christ my  King, Thro' e-  ter-nal  a-   ges
2. Standing on the promises that can-   not fail, When  the howling storms of
3. Standing on the promises of   Christ the Lord, Bound to  Him e-  ter-  nal-
4. Standing on the promises I    can-   not fall, Listening ev-ery  mo-   ment

1. let   His prais- es     ring;  Glo-ry  in the highest,  I    will shout and  sing,
2. doubt and fear   as-    sail,  By  the living word of   God  I    shall pre- vail,
3. ly    by  love's strong chord, O-  ver-coming dai- ly   with the  Spir- it's sword,
4. to    the Spir-  it's   call,  Resting in me  Sav- iour as   my   all   in   all,

                     F           Bb
1-4. Standing on the promises of God.


          Eb        F7                          Bb     Eb  Bb
Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my Sav-iour; standing

Eb   Eb7      Bb                    F7    Bb
standing, I'm standing on the promises of God
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