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Ignorance - Eidsness tab

So clear to me now
    Bb         Eb
Get rid of the cows
        Ab        Eb    B
Run for your life everyone

Go away come back some other day
         C                    Em
Cause we all need a break sometimes
A                          D
Burn your homework stay in school don't do drugs
No drugs in happiness in love
    B      Bb       A
And I have love for you
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F5            E5
Milli Vanilli told a lie
   Em                      A7
It cost them their grammys ones life
D         G           A
Are there eels in the Nile
D                            Db Db
I'm not sure let me go check

Chorus again

C    Db   C
Blah blah blah
I could go all day
Just talk the night away
Cm                 Dm
But you don't want me to
How bout one more verse

I went to the Nile to check for eels
    Bb                 Eb
And when I got there I found some meals
       Ab          Eb    B
From McDonalds eel hamburgers
D              G             Bb A
Get rid of the cows eat eels


    Ab    Eb      B   Eb
And now I have to go
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