Immaculate Fools - She Fools Everyone tab

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She Fools Everyone  	-	by Immaculate Fools

Tabbed by:	Phillip C. Hayes

Nice song, one of the easiest on the whole ‘Dumb Poet’ album to tab. Easy for a beginner 
player. As always, improvements are always welcome! ENJOY!


C	G	Em	F (2x)

C		G
She’s always sulking
Em		F
Always making plans
C			G
Always hiding in the hallway
Em		    F
Smoking low tar brands
C		G
She’s always wanting
Em		         F
What she wants she has
C		G
She’s full of promises
  Em		   F
But she laughs at your request

C	    Em7	  F	G
She fools everyone
C	    Em7	  F	G
She fools everyone
C	    Em7	  F	G
She fools everyone
C		Dm	          G
She fooled you,     she fooled you

C			G
She’s got a champagne smile
Em		         F
You can keep it for a while
C			G
She’s got all kinds of tricks
Em		             F
Learned from error and trial
C		    G
She knows about love
Em		         F
From Cleopatra to Garbo
C		    G
She’s got all the blueprints
Em		              F
She bought them from Monroe


C		       G
When the morning arrives
Em		 F
And leaving is slow
C		                 G
And thoughts don’t come easy
Em	           F
You already know
C		G
Betrayed by a kiss
Em		       F
You reap what you sow
C		        G
You’re just another victim
Em	                       F
Another arrow to her bow

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