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Immortal Technique - Leaving The Past tab

immortal technique - leaving the past

normal tuning

 | means break

Cm7      34353X
F7      - 5453XX
F7II      8X878X
Bb7      109108XX
Csus2/D  336X6X

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      Cm7                     F7    F7    Bb7               Bb7    F7
E ----------------3--6--5--6--8----10----11----10----10----8-----------|
B ----4-----------------4-----x----9-----------------9-----7-----------|
G ----------3-----------5-----8----10----------------10----8-----------|
D -------5-----5--------3-----7----8-----------------8-----6-----------|
A ----3-----------------------8----------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|

      F7   F#7          F7          Csus2/D
E ----8----6--6--6------5-----------3-----------3------------|
B ----7----5--5--5------4-----|-----3-----------3------------|
G ----8----6--6--6------5-----|-----5-----------5------------|
D ----6----4--4--4------3-----|-----x--0--0--0--x--0--0--0---|
A -----------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------|
                                                 Repeated through whole song 
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