Incredible String Band - Painting Box tab

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			     Painting Box - Incredible String Band
Tabbed by:Travis


there are several guitars playing, but this is the main riff...
   D7              G     D7             G

Em       C                          G                 C
When the morning of your eyes comes waking through my shadows
Em      C                D7       G
Leaving just a trace of twilight sleep,
  Em      C                     G             C
I whisper to the baby raindrops playing on my window,
    Em        C      G               D7                    G
And tell them gently this is not the time that they should weep.

    D7                              G
For somewhere in my mind there is a painting box,
D7                            G
I have every color there it's true.
     D7                           G
Just lately when I look inside my painting box,
  D7                         G
I seem to pick the colors of you.

   Em     C                             G                  C
My Friday evening's foot-steps plodding dully through this black town,
    Em  C                 D7             G
Are far away now from the world that I'm in.
   Em       C                               G                   C
My eyes are listening to some sounds that I think just might be springtime,
     Em    C      G                 D7                G
With daffo-dils between my toes I'm laughing at their whim,


    Em     C                     G                   C
The purple sail above me catches all the strength of summer.
Em      C              D7         G
Fishes stop and ask me where I am bound.
  Em        C                        G              C
I smile and shake my head and say my little ship is sinking,
      Em      C        G                            D7           G
But I kind of like the sea that I'm on, and I don't mind if I do drown.

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