Incredible String Band - Witchs Hat tab

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	       Witch's Hat - The Incredible String Band
Tabbed by:Travis
Tuning: Standard

    Dm      Am            Dm

Dm    Am           Dm                 A
ceeeeer-tainly the children have seen them
Dm Em  Am Dm     Am    Em  Am         Em  Am
in qui-et places where the moss grows gre-en

A        Dm     A      Dm
coloured shells jangle together
    G       Dm       Am      Dm      A
the wind is cold the year is old the trees whisper together
    Bb          A         Dm
and bend in the wind they lean

Bb          F                   A       G
next week a monkey is coming to stay

   C               F
If I was a witches hat
C                                   F
sitting on her head like a paraffin stove
C                     F
I'd fly away and be a bat
C                      F
across the air I would rove

C               D
stepping like a tightrope walker
G                D
putting one foot after another
F                          Am/C(032210)  F   Dm
wearing black cherries for rings

just strum a d minor and "la la la" for the rest of the song
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