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India Arie - Purify Me chords

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Capo on 2nd!!
C, G, Am, F / D, A, Bm, G (No Capo)

[Verse 1:]
C                     G
   Easy like Sunday morning
Like an angel calling
He taking me all in
I'm embracing him with my skin
Like a glimmer of light
Like a vision of life
                  F                                    C
And he's so perfect that I couldn't picture him if I tried

[Bridge 1:]
See some may come
Some may go
                         F                                 C
But I'll follow you wherever you're the perfect mate for my soul
            G             Am                   F           
And I know why I lose control whenever I'm around you cause you given me

Your hand

And that's more than enough
Your glance

Is like jumping in the river of
          F         C
Purify me baby [x2]

[verse 2:]

It's like summertime always

Like it's sunny out all day

Whenever you smile

Sweeter than momma's homemade

And I thought every man was made the same way

But a world of smoke and ashes boy your are milk and honey

[Bridge 2:]

See some may come

Some may go

But fill me up with your love

You're nourishment to my soul

And I know why I lose control

Whenever I'm around you

Cuz you given me


[Bridge 3]
(La, la la la la la, la la la, la la la)
Your love is so divine... i'm so glad your mine yeah

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