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Indigo Girls - Ill Change chords

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"I'll Change"
by Emily Saliers
performed by The Indigo Girls
tab by Alan Fark (

Standard tuning
capo at 4th fret

chord shapes:

Em	=022000
D/F#	=20023x
csus	=33001x
G	=320003
Am7	=x02010
Bm7	=x2023x
c	=x32010
D	=xx0232

Em           D/F#           csus         G
Looking out across suburban yards to the construct of our 

days through the thinning of the trees.

    Em          D/F#             csus
How come I only build a house of cards?

          G                      D/F#
That gets blown to pieces by the fall's first fickle breeze.

Am7              Bm7           c            D
When I feel that stirring, the illicit kiss.

                Am7                Bm7          c
That's just the cool tongue of the devil with a sucker in 

his midst.


G       D/F#        Em            Am7              c    D
One day I'll change you'll be the first one that I call.

  G           D/F#   Em       Am7                   c   D
I owe you an apology too many thanks and that's not all.

                 csus           D                 G
'Cause I've been running long before I learned to crawl.

   Em            D/F#             csus
My calendar lies crumbled laid to waste.

          G                                D/F# 
It's been scrawled on, thumbed through and changed.

Em               D/F#          csus
Will this be the measure of my days?

G                            D/F#
Dinners and appointments and deadlines I can't make.

    Am7             Bm7           c            D
And when I start to see it making sense for me.

            Am7  Bm7        c        D
That's just hope springing eternally.


            c                 G
Outside the summer's gone for good.

        F                  c
Dying impatiens stacked up wood.

My friends will get together to cook.

                     D                         c    D
To talk about what's happened to take a second look.

    Em               D/F#              csus
The master loves the servant who blind heeds him.

    G                    D/F#
The husband the obedient wife.

    Em                D/F#               csus
The snake will always bite the hand that feeds him.

G                         D/F#
Even if you love him even if you save his life. 

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