Inspiral Carpets - You Cant Take The Truth tab

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A rare Inspiral Carpets song

Intro C Em D

G                            A                         G
Those words you wrote to me, They didn't mean a thing, They are a stupid
      A                             F                   G
joke, I think you're bored of them, Then you say to me, This is our life you
      F                         G
know, And I don't want to know, If it has to be that way,

C Em D
You can't take the truth, Won't accept these things I say, You can't take the truth, 
accept these things i say to you,

verse 2
I don't want to be, the one that has to leave, I guess I'm sorry dear, but someone has 
choose, Then you look at me I still feel something there, Then you start again with those 

Repeat Chorus

middle 8 same as verse

Repeat Chorus
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