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Inxs - Soul Mistake chords

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This is a song from INXS's album Shabooh Shoobah (1982). If you'd like something to 
comment about this one, here is my e-mail: :))

1st couplet:
Promises are carved out of lust
With a fire in the heart
That burns with no regret
I vow to play the part

2nd couplet:
In this a meeting of the soul
My feelings are unknown
I learn with no regret
Iím getting what I get

Feel some pain though Iím miles away
And ring to let you know
Are you seeing someone
Iíd better let you go

G                   Em
She said this was a lesson in love
She said this was a love to end all loves
This soul never listens to me
This soul has a lot to learn

3rd couplet:
Honesty eludes one and all
Like some gypsyís search for gold
Heís dreaming all the time
But the gold is hard to find

4th couplet:
Made a mistake with myself
My lover couldnít lie
She told me of the things
That made her cry inside


After the chorus goes this line with the same chords:
"Having the dreams of some gypsy"
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