Inxs - Way Of The World - Michael Hutchence - Max Q tab

G'day ya all, 

This is the first song (ever!) I've (I guess) composed by myself, without any extra help, other taps or chords to follow by.

I hope it’s, Michael Hutchence’s, ‘Way of the World’.

This is an awesome song. 

I think the lyrics are well written.
The chorus sticks in my mind. 

I composed these chords entirely on the keyboard, but one should easily be able to figure out the guitar.

Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think. 

I’d love to know.

The standard 4 count.

Am	/	/ (times 2)
G	/	/
Am	/	/ (times 3)
G	/	/Am	/	/

C	/	/Am	/	/



Am	/	/ (times 4)


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